Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow and Trees

This morning the world is frosted with white and I couldn't resist a "snow series." It's like someone somewhere knew I was missing Colorado--complete with the snow blowing over the road in places. This project is taking over my life a little. The whole drive in this morning I was thinking, "That would make a good photo. No, that, right there would be better."

So, "Snow a la Jenn":

This is what happens when it rains, then sleets, then snows.

I really like the dark and light in this one.

This is right outside my door. (It snowed more in Lawrence than in Topeka. All the others are Topeka.)

This one's a good overview of what it really looks like.

I took this for a bird that you can't see in the final version, but it certainly looks like Mr. Tumnus will step out at any moment.

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