Friday, February 16, 2007

The Big Ape I Sleep With

My early birthday present from Khaentlahn--a big ape. He's got red fur *tipped* with dark brown, and he's holding a heart that says "Love me." He currently lives in my bed.

Down to the wire on these tonight. I took some of the snow earlier (a few of which you'll probably get at the bottom of this post), but I didn't really like them. So, these are pictures from home... I'm sure I made quite a spectacle running about with my camera trying to find something interesting to photograph ten minutes before midnight. [Ed: After I made this post, I looked around and realized that every light in my apartment was on--finding enough light for my phone indoors at night is a challenge.]

When I left the Outlands, the Baron that I worked for sent me a gift. A mold of his hand (no, seriously). It says, "Thanks for giving me a hand" on the stump, and then he signed it. It's cool *and* kinda creepy, but not nearly as creepy as it looks in this picture. :)

Turns out I was a little obsessed with this tree when I was taking snow pictures. :)

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