Thursday, February 1, 2007

Me, a Joiner?

Khaentlahn, Kyle, and KC have decided to do a yearlong photo-a-day project, using an idea they got from Kendra . . . And this lone J has gotten into the act.

I'm not usually a "joiner" . . . Sometimes a follower, I guess, but group stuff has never really been my cup o' tea. However, in this case, since most of my friends were going to be running about snapping pictures of each other and themselves I thought, "Why not?"

So, the deal is: 365 days of taking a picture each day, with one a week of yourself (this will be my personal challenge). Others have a few additional guidelines, but I just can't hem my creativity in like that -- it's not the way I roll. ;-)

So, enjoy what you can, and I apologize in advance for the silly or overly self-introspective/self-indulgent crap that will inevitably be included.

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