Monday, February 12, 2007

Make My Day

Personalized Valentines from my nephews arrived today and immediately went up on my bulletin board next to my computer. I started to crop out the photos on my desk, then realized the boys were in them. So, this one gets to pretty much represent "family." :) Ethan's is the far left (he's 5), Max's is in the middle (7), and Nick's on the right (3). The photo in the center is one of my favorites--I took it of Max and E with the elephants at the zoo. :) The photo on the left is at Tom's wedding. The three boys are in the center front.

Update: Called to tell them thank you--Max wants to know "Why are little brothers *so* annoying? Tell me, what's good about little brothers?" (I told him that I wouldn't have gotten to spend time with *him* if I hadn't had little brothers.) Ethan went to a "Valentimes party" and got *two* suckers--"Almost all the other cards had Skittles in them, Aunt Jenny, how did they *know* that suckers were my favorite?" And Nick, well, Nick got a *red* sucker, and that was really great! :o)

And, it's snowing. Beautiful heavy flakes of perfect snowball snow (so perfect that I had to throw one while I was cleaning off my car to come home). One of the best parts about snow is how quiet it is while it's snowing. It makes you feel kind of wrapped up in a cocoon of white.

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