Sunday, February 11, 2007


This represents our "adventure" of the day. This is Jacque and the elephants. :) (We stopped by Cabela's for fudge to sustain us.)

In the interest of equal time (or at least a little time) here's some I took of Conner. He moves fast, so they're both a *little* on the blurry side. :) But they're still him, and I like 'em.

We did a couple of puppet plays at the Children's museum, this is Con and "Mr. Happy." (I love the way he's partly obscured by the character and peeking out from below the "stage.")

Trying to get Dad to do something...

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Khaentlahn said...

What's funny is, the pic of Jacque looks like she's almost "right" there with real elephants... That's pretty spiffy :)