Friday, June 15, 2007

The View from my Tent

This is the view from my tent at Lilies. The tents you can see are Luther's on the left and TRMs of Gleann Abhann on the right. If I looked out another direction, I could see Agamemnon's and Murdoch and Emelye's.

Rivkah and I camped together, and I think I freaked her out a bit because I wanted to leave the doors to my tent open at night. It gets a *little* cooler at night at Lilies, and sometimes there are storms that warrant tying the tent closed tight, but I love to lay in the tent and look out at the water while a little breeze blows through. Sometimes you can see the stars, and even I sometimes watch the sky go from dark to gray to pink. *sigh*

I have a "tradition" as I'm driving up to Lilies that I started a *long* time ago of playing SCA songs when I make the last turn off of the interstate until I get to site. I was having some trouble getting excited about Lilies this year, but as I got closer and closer to site, I got more and more excited (and drove a little faster, as those who were in my car with me can attest). Even though there are always hot hot *hot* miserable days at Lilies, I always want to go back and wish I were there.

[Ed: I was at Lilies from Thursday night (6/14) until Sunday afternoon (6/17). I made a choice not to carry my phone around and take pictures, so all of these were taken on day 3. Though they are of things/pictures that I saw/framed in my head the other days, they technically break my "picture taken on the day" rule.]

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