Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dirt Ties...

When I went to my last event as an Outlander, my apprentices and friends got together and made me this gift. It has soil from each of their homes, and some of the sacred Caer Galen dirt (which has ashes from each of the hearths of CG at camping events). On the outside it says:
"It is a tradition, when you leave a place for travels, you take a bit of the earth from that place. The earth will always make it's way back home safely and so to do we want you to always make your way back to us safely."

It lives above my TV, along with the three Anglo-Saxon books that didn't go into storage when I put all my books in storage: Wordcraft, Dress in Anglo-Saxon England, and North European Textiles. Oh, and my Firefly boxed set. :o)

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