Thursday, August 2, 2007


Today I realized that this is the "half-way point" on my year of photographs (showing my work: 365 / 2 = 182.5, given that I posted about 4 extra times in February, this is post/day 183). Somewhere recently I wrote, "I'm a glass half-full sort of person." So, here are some of the things in my life that are "half-full":
The Ash & Griffin mug I bought at Lilies
that's covered in sea turtles :)

The slot for the big paperclips, my gum,
and last issue's file box

The pins for my bulletin board, my calendar,
and my change stash (plus a cool paper clip)

The coffee bean grinder thingy (I don't drink coffee),
my Dr. Pepper from lunch, the rubber band basket

And my work computer.

1 comment:

Kennis said...

I want that cool paperclip!!! Cool idea of showing things half-full to document the day. Sad thing is...I should be right there with you. Crazy life, know. going to Valor????