Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Deskjob Hands

So, last night I went over to Khaentlahn's and hit her with a stick for about half an hour—of course, she was wearing armor, the whole hitting thing was more of an attempt at getting through her defense, and it was a stick of rattan. :)

I have the hands of someone who runs a computer for a living, I wasn't wearing armor or any sort of protective anything (she wasn't hitting back), the stick I was using was an old sword shaved for a right-hander, and, perhaps, my technique could use some work. :o) So, I have not one, not two, but three blisters. Only one of which got broken while I had sword in hand (and, so far, I've successfully resisted taking a pin to the others). What does it say about me that I'm kinda excited to have a fighting-related injury, insignificant as it is?

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Thordr said...

you know, after I read the first line of text, I thought "hah, Heather has Jenn doing shield work with her too" not "HEY, YOUR HITTING MY WIFE" or anyone else for that matter with a stick, what does that say about my perspective?

ps, its not soft hands that got you, it was squeezing sword too hard, that transfers too much energy to your hand, like a jackhammer that will give you blisters in thirty seconds bare handed, so, wear glove and work on that grip:) oh ya, and thanks for beating my wife ;)