Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adventures in Electricity

So, last night, I was doing dishes, and my refrigerator was on. I put something in the microwave for supper and walked away. About 10 minutes later, I walked back into the kitchen, and all was quiet. Which was strange because I have one of those microwaves that hollers at you until you open it (after the timer beeps, it keeps beeping at intervals, well, you get the picture). I'd blown a fuse. (A fuse which has the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the disposal, and every outlet in the kitchen on it. *sigh*)

After searching the entire house (inside all the closets and cabinets, under things, behind everything, in the garage, etc.) and finding only a small door that was securely screwed shut (securely = I stood on a chair and braced myself against the wall with my foot and I still couldn't get the screw out), I finally called the landlord and asked if he knew where the fusebox was. (My refrigerator was on the fuse and the dishwasher was full of water, or I would have waited until today.) He was pretty frustrated with me and told me to walk here and walk there and that there shouldn't be room for screws in the panel unless they drilled it (which I told him they had), "You're probably trying to screw off the entire panel." I am not a moron.

Finally, after he grudgingly agreed to send someone out. I walked around the outside of the house, and--there's a panel on the back wall of the garage, on the OUTSIDE of the garage. Once I found the thing the breaker was flipped and the dishwashing resumed in just a few moments. I took the picture above last night, and the one below this morning to show. Don't worry, there will be a padlock on it by nightfall. ;-)

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