Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fireworks of Many Kinds

The day started out quite lovely. Me indulging my fascination with clouds. (I'm continually amazed at how well the phone takes pictures of clouds. I took 43 pictures of clouds today.)

Then I drove into this:
Some pretty hard rain followed (I slowed down to 50 mph). Then out the other side:
[Ed: Between the this pic and the one before there was reportedly a tornado touching down "near Hoyt" (which is half a mile off the road I was driving on).]

More cloud pics available here.

And, to keep with the "Jacque-a-day" theme... :-P
She was smiling some of the time, really, but I love the look on her face that's kind of a cross between awe and fear.

And, the end of the day--

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