Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Many Faces of Jennwynn

I'm looking for new glasses, and this sort of decision usually requires assistance. Last weekend a friend said, "Take pictures of your options and email them to me," and it's also time for this week's self portrait, so...

I didn't have contacts in, though, which means these were taken pretty much blind, and the lighting meant that I had to look toward the ceiling to get the frames to show at all. These factors combined make them a little weirder than they might otherwise be (I think I left out all the ones where I look cross-eyed). But here they are:

A: the Metro (aka, just havin' fun)

B: the Ray-Ban (aka, make my day)

C: the Librarian (aka, how you doin')

D: the Myka (aka, I'm soooo innocent)

E: Close to now (aka, I'm just here for the beer)

Please feel free to vote for your favorite. :) I'd kinda like to *not* do exactly what I've got now, and I'm leaning toward making a statement. I also have contacts, so these are really only for work, so "event compatible" doesn't make a difference. It's tough not to let the expressions affect your choice.

And as a bonus, here's the over the top librarian:

1 comment:

The NT said...

I like, in order, the ones the salesperson likes, and the Raybans. Also the "close to now"s, the last ones, because you look the happiest in them! They also seem to have a pink-y tint.

Meriel, who misses your face!