Friday, April 20, 2007

Prehistoric Family Adventure...

I can't wait to go to this restaurant with my nephews: The T-Rex Cafe at Legends Mall just outside of KC. Above is the huge octopus that covers the bar area. (Did I mention that it's tentacles move?!?)

This is the sun that's on the ceiling.

And I didn't even take any photos of the dinosaurs. There's a moving t-rex that greets you at the door and multiple aquariums throughout the place. Upstairs is "the ice age"--it includes a woolly mammoth and a couple of her babies--and snow shoots out periodically. I walked into the bathroom and there were the nautiloid fossils that I had researched after Max and I found the sea lilies on the farm.

There's no way we'll get them to stay still long enough to eat. :-)

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