Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun with PhotoShop

This is the first ever image on Sea of Ks that's been PhotoShopped (you really have to blow it up to full size to get the full affect). It's actually a photo of the "ice stalagmite" (which I know is impossible, KC :o) ) in the foreground. I just thought it was funny that there was an "icicle" sticking *up* from the ground. Unfortunately the light wasn't great. Here's the pre-adjustment photo:
I also took a couple of pictures as the ice storm started tonight, but they were mostly black, so here's a second messed with one:

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Thordr said...

actually, ice stalagmites are quite possible (and real), tradition says carbonate, but they are not really restricted to it, any formation built up by dripping media can be called a stalagmite, it just needs modifier(a noun is prefered for you editorial types ;P ) before it to declare its not made of calcite ;)