Friday, March 2, 2007

How Long?

In the interest of getting this out of the way this week, I realized that none of my photos really give a good idea of how long my hair is, and so the post about cutting it doesn't make a lot of sense. It's tough to find an angle that I can get myself that does the length justice, but here's the best I can do. (Khaentlahn and I also had a conversation about me having to show more than just my face eventually...) I really don't intentionally pull my hair in my face for these (I can hear my grandmother, now, telling me to pull it back), but it seems to just happen... [Ed: I don't intend to look pissed in all of them, either, but that seems to happen, too. ;-) So here's a semi-smiling one with my hair pulled back that I like less to try and show that I am sometimes happy.]

Because the length's still not really clear, here's a guest photo of me at Candlemas (which I borrowed from Khalidah) that shows the length (just at my waist in the back) a little better:

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