Monday, June 2, 2008

For Posterity

This was the day of my grandmother's funeral.

Afterwards, we went to the farm to do some arranging and such, and I took some pictures of her flowers. This is the walkway being impinged upon by irises and the view from the hill. You can see all the different types in this photo: iris, cabbage roses, peonies, and a lily of some type (as well as some overgrown grass).

One of my favorite iris colors--so vibrant!

I've always loved poppies.

These are the color of the cake she made me for my 16th birthday.

Peonies in the shade.

The roses are about done. I love the cascade of petals in this one.

She hasn't lived on the farm for about a year, so this is the flowers after being untended for that long. The relative lack of weeds (there are some, but not nearly as many as in my flowerbeds) is a testament to how carefully she watched them. This is at ground level up the path. The green stalk in the middle will become firecracker flowers by July.

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Thordr said...

poppies and irises are two of my three most favorite flowers:)