Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a Sickness...

Yet another new kind of flower in my yard:
It's kinda like Christmas, these things come up out of the ground, and then you wait to see what they'll be.
These are *tiny* and they look like little upside-down grape clusters.

And this is the last daffodil shot, I promise. :)


Thordr said...

you can put up more pics of flowers, its ok, they are cool

Sheron Buchele Rowland said...

They are called grape hyacinth and you can eat them! Not entirely sure of the spelling, tho. But I am on the eating part!

The bulbs split and make more over time. I've got some clusters that are really good sized.

Isn't spring great! Even after living here for so long, I am still surprised by what comes up!

See you soon!

Isolda said...

Yes, grape hyacinths. They are a great spring blooming flower. :) You are so luck, all I have is crab grass and wild onions in my yard. Oh, and pewp. ;)